Professional accounting services team , with years of experience in accounting and tax knowledge , is committed to offering a one-stop professional accounting and tax services account manager to provide proper management of corporate accounts. Service charges are reasonable, prudent and efficient and reliable.

We offer different types of business customers who have a high quality accounting services, which include food , logistics, trade, retail , e-commerce , owners ‘ corporations , professional bodies and manufacturing experienced. In addition, we believe that to understand the accounts , the report alone is far from sufficient , therefore customers will also get a professional analysis and insightful suggestions made by our customers.

Average monthly customer will be asked to deal with the accounts in order to clear and effective understanding of the company’s own business conditions. However, some customers will be based on individual circumstances , choose to quarterly , semi-annual or year-end type deal.

Services include:

  • Appropriate accounting computer software in the preparation and preservation of books
  • Regular basis and settlement accounts statements
  • Lists some of the details of the project in order to carry out the audit work
  • Help establish and improve the company ‘s accounting system
  • Cleanup plot Account
  • Arrangements stocktaking