Corporate Secretarial

Each registered in Hong Kong with limited liability companies, are required under the Hong Kong Companies Act (Chapter 32 of the Laws of Hong Kong) the appointment of directors and company secretary, in order to fulfill the company’s statutory obligations, and maintain basic operation of the company.

The Company Secretary is a statutory position, his duties include reporting to the Registrar of Companies of the company’s structure, any major changes in personnel; should also be prepared for the Board’s agenda, preparing the annual general meeting and provide professional advice to the relevant statutory regulations .

Company secretarial services include:

  • Served as the legal representative of the company secretary
  • Processing and statutory record-keeping company
  • Arrangements directors and shareholders meetings and conferences Records
  • Filing of statutory statements, such as company annual reports, etc.
  • Arrangements nominee services
  • Processing business registration
  • A bank account documents
  • Turn for the company name matters
  • Transfer of shares
  • Deal with liquidation and deregistration matters